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Leisure Engineering’s involvement with Sela Group started in 1982 when redeveloping their park on Plymouth Hoe in Devonshire and installing Sela battery operated Mini Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars.

Jumping forward to 1992 after visiting the Sela Group factory in Forli in Emilia Romagna, a PICKIE FUN PARK BIG DISCO DUCK 2beautiful part of Northern Italy, Leisure Engineering became the sales distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland. For Bill Hammett of Leisure Engineering It was going back to his roots. He was a sales and applications engineer with GEC working with clients on power projects. There was then a complete change of direction in moving back to Plymouth after buying an amusement park.

Getting back into sales and applications with Sela Group even though the product was different, the principle remained the same. What he had learned from GEC was good after sales service and being honest with clients. It is on this premise that Leisure Engineering and Sela Group have forged a strong bond for over 20 years.

Sela Group have developed in over 40 years to the major company they are today. The company is completely managed by the de Carlo family with the next generation led by Marco de Carlo the CEO joining the company. New ideas and work processes have made Sela Group into a modern efficient operation. The cars and boats have been developed over 40 years to be almost maintenance free and a great source of income. Each product has been designed to have maximum ‘eye appeal’, with built in safety features to ensure an attractive and secure ride experience.

Sela Group and Leisure Engineering will continue to develop new products and provide excellent service.